Field Day 2016

FD 2016 is this coming weekend, Saturday, June 25th, 2 PM to Sunday, June 26th, 2PM. RVHFG will be operating the VHF station for our sister club Rochester DX Association Field Day and will be using the W2RDX call. Please support field day next weekend by getting on the air. Bill (K2TER) will have his rover in Webster Park as he has done in the past and Harry (W2HRY) will have a VHF/UHF setup at Nazareth College. Regardless if 6m is not open or not, we will need your activity on the air to keep things interesting on the VHF/UHF bands. When visiting one of these sites, bring along your rarely used 6m, 2m, 223, 927, and 1294 MHz HT or mobile radio for a few extra Qs.. Remember that CW (even Modulated CW) counts separately and twice as much as voice contacts. 3 points: 2 for cw and 1 for phone. So get out your key or use a code practice oscillator with your FM transceiver to add a few more contacts to the log.
In anticipation 6m activity, you should hear the stations calling CQ mostly on 6m between 50.125 and 50.200 MHz for SSB and 50.090 to 50.100 for cw. However 146.55 MHz will be monitored and activity should occur around 144.200 MHz. As usual with VHF operations, after making a contact on one band, please let the operator know what other bands you have available.
This is a great opportunity to showcase VHF/UHF operations to folks who don’t normally use anything other than repeaters on the VHF/UHF bands. It important that we can show on-the-air activity when the visitors stop in to watch. I am sure skeds are welcome if you have limited time to participate.
Jarred, KF2MR