August UHF Contest

Aug. 6-7, 2016 (1400 EDT Saturday until 1400 EDT Sunday).
After ARRL announced that it would not sponsor the UHF contest in 2016, a group of radio amateurs from coast to coast came together to make sure that the contest does occur. The sponsoring group includes the leaders of several large VHF oriented clubs, two volunteers who write contest results articles for QST, the editor of the World Above 50 MHz column in QST, two people with extensive computer log checking expertise, and others who are concerned about the future of contesting on the amateur bands above 222 MHz. We believe that continuity is important in amateur radio contests. We do not want even a one-year hiatus for a contest that has been an annual tradition for almost 40 years. While we welcome the efforts of ARRL’’s leaders to develop a new kind of UHF contest that could be held in the spring of 2017, in the meantime we are committed to hosting a first-rate UHF contest in 2016. See for the rest of the statement. The full rules, which are substantially unchanged from the 2015 rules, are at: