Next Meeting, Friday, December 9th

December 9th will be "Show and Tell". This is a very open program where you can bring an interesting piece of equipment, a project you have been working on, or perhaps some software that may be of interest to others. "Work in Progress" items are encouraged as well as finished projects (if there is such a thing as finished!). There is no need to prepare any sort of presentation, but please be prepared to spend a minute or two with an explanation or demonstration. We will have our 6m amplifier to show as a "work in progress" along with some of the new components we selected at the last meeting. I will bring some of my microwave gear I have put together over this past year. Maybe you will get a few ideas that you can pass along to Santa! We will meet at the Exelon Emergency Operations Facility in Macedon/Gananda. See the map in the back of the journal for location information. Doors open at 7pm.