Next Meeting Friday, April 13th

The next meeting of the Rochester VHF Group will be held at MacGregor's at 300 Jefferson Ave, near RIT. Directions link at end.
A fairly large table has been reserved starting at 1800, so it may be a little busy around us for the early evening, but that should be manageable. This is an experiment, so let's try it and see. This is meant to be a fairly informal event.
The Board is going to meet early enough to get dinner and have a Board meeting. All are welcome to join us for dinner, or just come and join us for a bite to eat, a soda or brewed beverage.
We have a fairly loose forum planned, with only the topics of the upcoming joint RDXA-RVHFG dinner, the status of the Beacons at AWA, status of MUD 2014 planning, and suggestions on a slate for the Board of Directors of the RVHFG for 2012-2013.
We will do a round of who's doing what to whom and with which, so bring your recent accomplishments, observations, plans and thoughts for the future. Get directions at: