Posted on 04/16/17, 10:28 AM

June VHF Contest Plans
Posted by Jarred - KF2MR

Please post your plans for the contest. Even if only tentative plans.

Posted on 04/16/17, 12:39 PM

Re: June VHF Contest Plans
Posted by Jarred - KF2MR

Here is some extra gear (mostly FM) available to anyone who would like to use it. The 902 HT and mobile paired with a yagi are good for 60-80 miles if you have a clear shot at the horizon. Performance with the 1W HTs on 1296 is very limited, but can reach 25-50 miles no problem with a clear shot and a yagi.

(2) Alinco DJ-G29T 223/902/927 HTs
(1) Alinco DJ-G7 1296 MHz HT
(1) IC-T81A 6m/2m/70cm/1296 MHz HT
(1) 902/903 MHz FM mobile 20W

Complete FM Rover in a toolbox:
25W each on 6m, 2m, 1.25m, 70cm
10W on 927.5 MHz
10W on 1294.5/1296.1 MHz
All with magnet mount antennas (4 total antennas since 6m/2m/70cm is a triband) and lighter plug power (setup takes less than 10 minutes)

I have a WBFM 10GHz radio and I would be willing to carry another one to make up the pair if anyone is interested.

2.3 GHz transverter (2W) with a 432/434 MHz IF. Works reasonably well without a PTT line on FM and can also be used reasonably well RF sensed on SSB/CW, but this has its limits. Of course the best approach is to add the PTT key line.

902-928 17 Element Yagi
222/223 5-Element yagi
223 MHz base station vertical

Posted on 09/06/17, 10:29 PM

Re: June VHF Contest Plans
Posted by Bill and Tom K2TER/R Team

K2TER/R will be QRV for the September VHF Contest. Plans are to visit 5 grids all times local.
FN12au 0900 to 1130
FN02vu 1230 to 1700
FN03xa 1800 to 1900
FN13gb or FN13ge 2000 until the end
We will be running at least 150 Watts on all ham bands from 50 MHz to 3456 MHz!
The rover will be equipped with Apache Labs SDRs with DEM Transverters!
73 es GL in the contest,
Bill and Tom K2TER/R Team

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