Posted on 08/22/18, 9:03 AM

2018 September VHF Contest Plans
Posted by Harry Ramos

Starting this thread to see who is participating in the upcoming September VHF Contest on Septemebr 8-10

Looks like last year the RVHFG had nine logs submitted. And I wasn't one of them!!
- I haven't done the Sept VHF Contest (Only JANUARY Contests and maybe one June Contest-so September is first for me).
I will be on 50 MHz - 1.2GHz. SSb and Digital (FT8)- Last 30 minutes of each gridsquare time segment- just to try FT8 during a contest for the first time.

Current Plans:
2-4 PM FN13gb
5-9 PM FN12hr

8 AM-11 AM FN03wa
12-1PM Lunch,
1-3 Rover Blitz- if there is one
4-8PM FN02vu/wu

Regards to all,
Harry Ramos

Posted on 09/02/18, 8:27 AM

Re: 2018 September VHF Contest Plans
Posted by Wayne N2WK

I have 6 and 2m and maybe 223.5/446.0

73, N2WK

Posted on 09/02/18, 7:45 PM

Re: 2018 September VHF Contest Plans
Posted by Dean, NW2K

Mark AE2EA and I will have 6, 2 and maybe 70cm from FN13. CW/SSB/FT8 on 6 and CW/SSB/FM on 2. If it gets slow, we'll also have 475KHz : )

73, Dean, NW2K

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