Posted on 06/09/15, 7:41 PM

June Contest
Posted by VE3DS Dana FN03fq

Hi all, I'll be on 50 thru 1296 including 903 if the transverter front end stays stable...look forward to hearing lots of signals out of FN12/13 this year! 73 dana ve3ds

Posted on 06/10/15, 9:04 AM

Re: June Contest
Posted by Tom - KV2X

Dana, K2TER will be roving 50 thru 1296. We will be at the FN12/02/03/13 intersection area Sunday. Hope work you on all the bands!

Posted on 06/10/15, 10:13 AM

Re: June Contest
Posted by John - N2DCH

Dana and Tom, N2dch will be at the FN21/11/12/22 intersection area Sunday. 7 bands. Please point your antennas southeast to work me.

Posted on 06/10/15, 11:25 PM

Re: June Contest
Posted by David AB2YI

I expect to be out roving Sunday, and possibly some Saturday. Lower 4 bands, FN03,02, 12, 13. Hope to hear and work you all. GL.

Posted on 06/11/15, 12:30 PM

Re: June Contest
Posted by Tom - KV2X

Dave, K2TER/R will be looking for you!

Posted on 06/11/15, 1:00 PM

Re: June Contest
Posted by Jarred - KF2MR

I have a pair of 10GHz ARR Gunplexer based FM transceivers with tripods and batteries. If anyone wants to play around with them on Sunday and try for a couple extra multipliers, let me know. I have only tested at very close range, so not sure what these things can do.

Posted on 06/15/15, 10:10 AM

Re: June Contest
Posted by Jarred - KF2MR

This contest exceeded all of my goals for both contacts and multipliers, even with all of the rain changing my plans on Sunday. Some highlights include the duct into FM19 that had S9 signals up to 432 from FN13, working into FN42, my first 2304 contact, and the 6m opening Sunday evening that helped with many new grids. It was a nice dinner in Leroy and a huge burst of activity with the local FM stations and rovers after dinner. Thanks to K2QO for setting up dinner and to W2EV for helping to coordinate contacts with his family up through the 900MHz band. Despite a decent CW attempt with K2OS, I missed my home grid (FN13) on 1296. Always something to improve upon...

Thanks to all who participated. Roving is a lot of work and only worth it when there are others on the air.

Jarred - KF2MR

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